6 March 2020

Portrait of Thanh Long Nguyen, investor in Concise and Avenches

By Laura

« (…) We have the chance to talk to professionals in their field who have a very human approach. Coupled with the quality products and yields offered, we can only look forward to the next buildings! »

We went to meet Thanh Long Nguyen, an engineer who has been working in the real estate sector for several years.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Thanh Long Nguyen, I am a chemical engineer by training, I work in the Rolex factory in Bienne. I have 5 children and I am a martial arts and personal development trainer for children.

Have you already invested in real estate?

I had previously invested in real estate for the purchase of my main residence but also in a condominium as well as in life insurance and precious metals.

Were you familiar with real estate crowdfunding before?

I had already heard about this new investment model in France and was waiting for an actor to arrive in French-speaking Switzerland.

How did you get to know Foxstone?

I came to the Foxstone website through a Google search. I invested fairly quickly because when I created an account there was an offer that interested me. All the steps were quite fluid and very fast, I have since invested twice and I am looking forward to investing again soon.

What were the important criteria for your investment?

What was decisive for me was the title deed with my name on the Land Register, which makes the investment tangible and more real. The interesting returns and the amount of investment also made the difference.

What did you learn from your experience?

High quality customer service with a very human approach. What always amazes me is the purchase price of the properties that Foxstone offers which are always below market prices which shows a high level of expertise. I also like the application which is very simple and intuitive, I particularly like the macro view where I can follow the next distributions as well as the amounts already paid.

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Many thanks to Thanh Long Nguyen, for agreeing to share his experience as an investor in Concise and Avenches.

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