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CHF 1,575,000
Porrentruy, ju
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How it works

4 easy steps to become investor


1. Acquisition

Become the co-owner of a percentage of the property
Choose the number of shares based on the amount you want to invest.

2. Management

The day-to-day management is delegated to a property manager.
Co-owners get performance reports and take the most important management decisions.
Rental income

3. Rental income

You receive your revenues quarterly on your bank account along with a report that provides you all the details of the income and expenses of your property.

4. Resale

You can put all or part of your shares on sale at any time, without penalty or fees, with a possible capital gain.
How it works


Investors have already trusted us!

A rigorous selection

The investment opportunities are subject to a strict financial, technical and legal due diligence.


Access the Swiss real estate market with a minimum investment of CHF 25,000


Easily consult the full documentation for each property.


Spread your investments in residential properties throughout the whole Switzerland.

With Foxstone
anyone can invest!

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