15 June 2022

Testimony of David Duc, Development Director at CAPVEST

  The Foxstone model is ideal for individuals wishing to invest a set amount of money directly in real estate, while agreeing to hold an unclear share of the property and earn a return. The investment can be made for a reasonable amount and the…
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10 May 2022

Rising prices and eroding yields in rental property

For the past 15 years, prices for investment properties have been setting annual records for those who follow them, and 2021 was no exception. This increase in prices automatically leads to a decrease in rental property yields.  Following the financial crisis of 2008, Swiss real…
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18 March 2022

Value-added investment

In a previous article, we identified three types of investment in investment properties based on their characteristics. With the publication of our first value-added investment opportunity, we take a closer look at this strategy using a concrete example. Characteristics of a value-added investment Value-added investing…
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14 March 2022

The difference between performance and appreciation

When it comes to assessing the performance of a real estate investment, many people stop at rental income. However, this perspective is incomplete because the performance of a real estate investment consists of two parts: The net rental income distributed after deducting the operating and…
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