29 January 2021

Foxstone in 2020

2020 was a year rich in trials. We are proud to have overcome them, thanks to the trust our customers have placed in us and with the support of our partners, and to be able to present you with the key achievements of Foxstone. We…
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Testimony of Mr. V.G., co-owner of the Fribourg building

“There had to be a sufficient number of apartments to dilute the risk if an apartment was empty for a certain period of time. Also that the building was recently renovated, well maintained and well located. “ Mr. V.G., co-owner of the Fribourg building Présentez-vous…
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2 October 2020

Real estate crowdfunding: a powerful tool for diversification

Introduction Diversification is a management strategy that consists of a varied asset allocation in order to optimise the stability and overall return potential of a portfolio by reducing volatility and therefore the risk of loss. It is the well-known principle of not putting all your…
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