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Optimised and flexible equity financing for real estate developers and property owners.

Loan from CHF 1M to CHF 12M.
Flexible duration from 12 to 36 months.
Swiss residential, commercial or industrial real estate.
Additional solution alongside conventional real estate financing.

Financial structure

Stricter regulations and lower borrowing possibilities have made it increasingly challenging to obtain satisfactory financing from traditional banks.
Foxstone offers additional capital to reduce your equity stake and to ensure you enough capital to develop your projects.

Advantages of our financing solution

Reduce your equity contribution

Free up additional equity for further market opportunities.

Keep control of your operations

Remain the sole decision maker wihtou relying on a partner.

Maximise your return on investment

Keep the entire margin of your operation.

Speed of execution

Obtain a loan within an average of 4 weeks.

Latest financed operations

Streamlined financing process

The next steps to obtain your capital

5 days

Our team performs a full analysis of your operation


Submission of a tailored offer including the main terms and conditions

14 days

Providing custom legal documents based on the accepted offer


Collecting funds from our investors database

Obtaining funds

Pay-out and beginning of the loan duration

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Financing types


Reduce developers’ equity investment by providing additional financing to the bank.

Land acquisition
Existing asset

Release locked-in equity of property investors by leveraging existing assets.

Building acquisition

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