Testimony of Mr. Antoine T. de M, co-owner of the Concise building

« Three words to describe Foxstone: efficiency, professionalism, reliability. »

Antoine T. de M., Mechanical engineer, passionate of mountains, and manual work.

Introduce yourself in a few words?

« My name is Antoine T. de M., I am 36 years old and I am a mechanical engineer (having worked in the watch industry before). I am passionate about all kinds of renovation: cars, apartments… One of my dreams would be to be able to live from my passion, so for me, the choice of good financial investments is a way to realize my life project. It is in this context that I started to study different forms of financial investments in order to diversify my portfolio. »

What attracted you to real estate crowdfunding?

« The real estate investment with a turnkey service resulting high return. »

Were you familiar with real estate crowdfunding before?

« “No, I didn’t know anything about real estate crowdfunding before. »

How did you come across Foxstone?

« I first came across Foxstone in an article and found the concept and process interesting. Foxstone offers a turnkey, high-yield equity investment based on an online platform. »

What did you learn from your experience?

« I contacted Foxstone in November. It took me about 3 months to make up my mind because of a lack of maturity (in relation to my thinking on the subject). I reasoned in terms of personal real estate purchase and not in terms of financial investment.

But if I had to do it all over again, I would take less than a week to decide! For me, my experience with Foxstone is more than positive. The team was able to show reactivity and professionalism (nothing was neglected). »

Three words for Foxstone?

“Efficiency, professionalism and reliability. »

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Many thanks to Mr. Antoine T. de M., for agreeing to share his experience as co-owner of the Concise building.

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