Testimony of Mr Philippe Rivière, investor in several crowdlending offers

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In my opinion, investing in participatory loans is an opportunity to allow savers to grow their assets without risk.

Philippe Rivière, investor in several crowdlending offers.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Philippe Rivière, I am an IT consultant. 

I have invested in several projects with Foxstone, including 2 condominium projects and 4 equity loan projects.

How did you discover real estate crowdfunding and Foxstone?

I discovered real estate crowdfunding through Foxstone. Indeed, it was Foxstone that introduced me to this innovative investment opportunity.

The web content usually published is comprehensive and accurate. I quickly got into the habit of browsing the site and checking out the offers as soon as they were published.

What criteria did you consider before making your investment in an equity loan?

The number one criterion was of course safety.

I wondered how I would be covered if the builder went bankrupt? What happens if the price of materials rises sharply? 

These concerns were put to rest when I saw the presence of a mortgage note from the bank and the guarantees and due diligence carried out by the Foxstone team.

The fact that Foxstone is a Swiss company and therefore Swiss law applies to these investments was a really reassuring factor for me.

The second criterion was that of duration, the offers are limited in time, I knew in advance that in about 2 years I would recover the funds invested with interest. 

In my opinion, investing in participatory loans is an opportunity to allow savers to grow their assets without risk.

Did you consider other alternatives before making your investment with Foxstone?

I did indeed think of other alternatives before I got to know Foxstone. I own several boxes and flats that I rent out in France. These alternatives provide me with additional income but involve administrative and financial follow-up. 

Investing in Foxstone projects allows me to earn less money but does not require any involvement on my part, unlike buying and renting flats.

How would you describe Foxstone ?

I am very satisfied with my experiences with Foxstone. The information is clear, fast and efficient. The teams are available and responsive which is very appreciable.

Thank you to Mr Philippe Rivière, for agreeing to share his testimony as a Foxstone investor.

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