5 March 2020

Testimony of André Humbert, co-owner of the Concise building

By Laura

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? 

« My name is André Humbert, I’m 64 years old, I’m pre-retired- I’ve been in business all my life, especially in real estate.

I like everything that has to do with business, digital, development, etc… I’m an avid runner, skier and I’m very passionate about ice hockey.

What attracted you to crowdfunding real estate?

About 20 years ago, when I was working in real estate, I had the idea of bringing together several people to buy a building. I knew people who had a few thousand francs, but not enough to finance the 20% needed. Unfortunately, I never sketched out anything.

So for me, real estate crowdfunding is quite simply a way of making this dream come true! Without all the hassle of such a project.

What did you learn from your experience?

My first step in this field was with a competing company. Then, while surfing on Facebook, I came across a publication highlighting a rental building in Concise. That’s how I got to know Foxstone. I was immediately contacted by Mr. Hugo Rouast.

I appreciated the conversation we had together: his way of introducing me to the concept, his expertise on the subject. He was able to answer my questions and convince me to invest. I studied all the documentation provided with precision. Documentation that was also very explanatory and detailed. This only strengthened my confidence.

At that time, I knew 95% that I would invest at Foxstone. Moreover, the location, the object itself and the return were perfectly suited to me.

I went to Foxstone’s offices in Geneva, where I was able to meet Hugo, Investor Relations, and also to get to know Mr. Dan Amar, CEO of the company. I really enjoyed this interview, especially the professionalism and the atmosphere of trust that was evident.

When I got home, I filled out the necessary documents and took the necessary steps at the notary’s office to make my investment a reality. A few weeks later, everything was settled.

I also had contact with other collaborators during the process and each time I was pleasantly surprised by their ethics and professionalism.

What emerges from Foxstone is above all the seriousness, friendliness, competence, listening and availability of the employees; not to mention the CEO’s business sense and his knowledge of the real estate market and real estate crowdfunding.

Following this positive experience, I decided to recommend Foxstone to my friends and family.

Become co-owner

Many thanks to André Humbert, for agreeing to share his experience as an investor at Concise.

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