17 March 2020

Coronavirus – Foxstone’s Arrangements

By Laura

To ensure the safety of our employees

In view of the latest developments in the Covid-19 situation and government announcements, we have decided to strengthen measures to ensure the safety of our employees and to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus continues to cause concern on a daily basis and continues to affect the daily lives of individuals and the organization of companies, we have implemented a series of measures at Foxstone to prevent its spread.

Beyond the daily actions to be taken to prevent its expansion, such as frequent hand washing, we have decided to act at our own level on social distancing by offering teleworking to all employees.

Coronavirus and Teleworking

Since yesterday, our employees have been communicating and working remotely. The strength of the Foxstone team lies above all in its responsiveness and trust. We have put in place a series of recommendations that we follow on a daily basis to ensure business continuity.

We also use collaborative tools to simplify remote working, to communicate effectively with our clients and partners, and to ensure that each team member is kept informed of the progress of ongoing projects.  

We remain at your disposal by phone and email to answer all your questions.

Our platform is also accessible 24/7. The fact that we have set up a 100% digital management process makes sense in the current situation.

Find advice from Yossi Amar, CTO at Foxstone, on how to optimize teleworking.

The entire Foxstone team wishes you and your loved ones the best of luck and good health during these difficult times.

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