Why sell a building with Foxstone

With the current favourable market conditions in Switzerland for real estate investments, property owners wishing to sell their property are being courted. A new, simple and commission-free alternative is now available to them. Real estate crowdfunding, which attracts thousands of Swiss people by allowing them to invest directly in investment properties with affordable amounts, also makes it possible to sell a property through an innovative model with many advantages.

Selling a property through Foxstone is simple, fast and transparent: The person wishing to sell a property transmits an updated rental statement and management account. If the property meets his criteria, Foxstone sends an indicative offer within 48 hours based on a brief analysis. As soon as an agreement is reached after a more in-depth analysis, the property is put up for sale within a fortnight on the platform to more than 12’000 investors. During the first half of 2021, hundreds of private individuals have become co-owners of five buildings for a total value of more than 26 million francs through Foxstone and all the buildings offered in this way have found buyers in less than a week (the last building was sold in less than 24 hours).

“The human factor and a professional approach are for me, essential elements in this type of transaction. When in addition, the property is sold quickly, one can only note the solidity of the business model”, testifies a former owner who sold his building on the Foxstone platform.

Among the many advantages that the Foxstone solution offers to real estate sellers are:

No commission
The seller does not pay a commission, as Foxstone is paid by the buyers.

The transaction is secured with a deposit at the notary for a forward sale.

On the basis of a rental statement and a management account of the building, Foxstone is positioned with an indicative offer in 48 hours.

The last buildings offered to investors have found buyers in less than a week.

The seller can keep an interest in the building by joining the new co-ownership.
This flexibility is particularly appropriate in cases of succession of a property where the heirs do not agree on how to dispose of it. With the solution proposed by Foxstone, one of the heirs can sell his interest in the building while the other can keep shares in the newly formed co-ownership. The latter retains a real estate asset that continues to generate income. With this solution, the heirs can independently dispose of a common real estate heritage.

Finally, by selling their property through Foxstone, owners contribute to the democratization of real estate investment in Switzerland.
Foxstone is looking for investment, residential or mixed properties throughout Switzerland, with a value of 4 to 20 million francs.

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