Testimony of Vincent D., real estate investor in Avenches and Concise

Introduce yourself in a few words?

«My name is Vincent Descloux, I’m 41 years old, married with two children. I am a financial analyst by profession. »

Have you ever invested in real estate or other financial assets?

« I have invested in the stock market more for fun than for a regular return, which is quite difficult given the fluctuating financial markets. As far as real estate is concerned, we own our main residence. »

Were you familiar with real estate crowdfunding before?

« Absolutely not, I wanted to invest in real estate in PPE (condominium property) to invest my savings and be able to receive a regular return. »

How did you know about Foxstone?

« We were discussing my real estate investment project with an office colleague who told me about real estate crowdfunding and Foxstone in particular.

I then did some research to better understand the benefits of this new investment model and to understand the risks. I saw that it was quite new in Switzerland but that the American, English or French markets were much more mature, which confirmed my decision to pursue my approach with Foxstone. » 

What type of criteria was most important in your decision to invest?

« Among the points that were decisive in our choice were the following:

  • The turnkey service, as all the steps are taken by Foxstone, including property selection, management with mortgage providers, which is sometimes tedious.
  • The minimum initial outlay that allowed us to start a first real estate investment simply
  • Attractive yield
  • The online platform allowed us to make an investment with all the cards in hand and a good knowledge of the property we wanted to invest in thanks to the technical analysis provided online by Foxstone. »

What did you learn from your experience?

«I made a first investment in Concise’s building and then a second one a few months later in Avenches.

No surprises! Since then, I’ve been receiving my income as indicated, I can follow the status of my income online on my dashboard, which I find very intuitive. I am not saying that there is no risk, it remains an investment, the 0 risk does not exist but it seems to me more measured compared to my initial project to invest in PPE. »

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Many thanks to Mr Vincent D., for agreeing to share his experience as an investor on our platform.

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