Testimony of Mr. Alexandre B, co-owner of the Concise and Avenches buildings

« Foxstone helped us avoid potential family conflicts as, instead of investing a common sum of money, each member was able to invest on their own behalf »

Alexandre B., 30 years old, COO in a start-up company

Introduce yourself in a few words?

« My name is Alexandre B., I’m 30 years old and I’m COO of a start-up in food e-commerce. I am passionate about mountain sports and board games.»

What attracted you to real estate crowdfunding?

« My family and I were looking for a very low-risk investment (in Swiss stone) to secure an inheritance and receive profits from it.

We studied the real estate market in French-speaking Switzerland and the different mortgage levers to maximise our investment. 

That’s where I met Foxstone which was a solution to all our questions

  1. They have the expertise in the choice of the property, in terms of value, mortgage leverage, expected returns.
  2. There is a dilution of mortgage risk and return risk because if we invest in a house and it’s vacant or there’s a problem with the tenant, we would find ourselves in a difficult situation. With Foxstone, we share a building, so if rent is not paid, the impact is minimal.
  3. Allows a better diversification of our investment by dividing the initial sum into several shares (dilution of the risk again) because with the same sum we can invest in several properties, so in case one doesn’t “perform”, we have the others.
  4. Removes all administrative and property management hassles (thus freeing you from the “who’s going to take care of it” question)
  5. Avoid any potential family conflict because instead of investing a common sum of money, each family member could invest in his or her own name.
  6. And a key point that reassured us a lot is that the investment is not “linked to Foxstone”, but to the land registry. So it’s a secure investment that is not tied to a company’s situation. We are therefore legally co-owners in the same way as if we had done the process on our own (a contract, simple, brief, and precise). »

What did you learn from your experience?

“Great facility!!!! And excellent customer service!

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Thank you to Mr. Alexandre B., for sharing his experience as co-owner of the Concise and Avenches buildings.

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