Interview with Luca Bozzo, partner at Borel & Barbey

” Foxstone demonstrates a spirit of innovation and dynamism that few market players can boast. Foxstone’s positioning gives it very promising prospects for the future. “, Luca Bozzo, partner at Borel & Barbey

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Introduce yourself briefly?

I am a partner in the law firm Borel & Barbey. Our law firm comprises 50 lawyers and specialised counsels and assists clients in all areas of law.

My main activity consists of advising individuals and legal entities (entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, private or listed companies) in business law, in particular in contractual, commercial and mergers & acquisitions matters.

Could you summarise your career path for us?

After obtaining my law degree from the University of Fribourg, I completed a one-year associate program at the foreign subsidiary of a Swiss private bank.

In 2004, I completed my legal internship in a major law firm (Geneva office) and in 2007 I joined their Zurich office as a lawyer (Corporate / M&A department) until 2010.

In 2011 I joined the Corporate/M&A department of Borel & Barbey as an associate and became a partner in 2015. Today, I deal with most areas of business law with our teams of specialists.

Why did you choose to become a business lawyer?

This specialisation has gradually emerged thanks to certain affinities. Business law allows the lawyer to integrate into a commercial environment by bringing a different expertise and a complementary approach to the strictly commercial one.

Business clients ask us to understand their business and to present pragmatic solutions that protect their interests. It is an extremely challenging exercise involving a wide variety of people and industries.

How will technology change your business?

Digitalisation has already considerably changed our profession by making us more efficient in terms of data management and by drastically changing our means of communication. The COVID crisis has greatly accelerated a process that was already well underway.

For the next few years, we are told that many IT tools (based on computer intelligence) will help lawyers in their research and synthesis activities. The blockchain should also bring its share of changes for our profession, I think in particular of smart contracts.

What impact do you think technology will have on the way people invest in real estate?

I think that the impact of technology will be important, especially through blockchain and the tokenisation of assets. If regulation does not block this development, technology should allow more liquidity and transparency in this market.

What is your opinion on real estate crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding allows a wide public to invest in real estate. This democratises this type of investment, which is usually reserved for specialised investors with certain resources.

Crowdfunding can also help to streamline the investment process through the implementation of streamlined processes.

Can you describe the collaboration with Foxstone?

Borel & Barbey (including Alexandre Gallopin, Yannick Fernandez and myself) has followed Foxstone since its inception.

We are very pleased to have assisted them on most of their legal issues and to have been able to advise them during these last years of important growth. We have a reciprocal exchange of knowledge with Foxstone which we find particularly valuable and beneficial.

Our contacts at Foxstone are serious and qualified. The success of their platform is proof of this.

How would you define the Foxstone spirit?

Foxstone demonstrates a spirit of innovation and dynamism that few market players can boast. Foxstone’s positioning opens up very promising prospects for the future.

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