Testimony of Yacine Z., co-owner of the Concise building

I was looking for an attractive and stable return without having to worry about the hassles of buying a condominium. Investing in real estate crowdfunding allowed us to receive a more than interesting return paid quarterly, which was a major argument in our decision making. Associated with a quality service and a fine selection of properties, we had all our fundamentals together to take the step.

Yacine Z, 29 years old technical project manager, passionate about sports and video games.

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Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m in my thirties, I work as a project manager in the technical department for Geneva Public Transport (TPG). I love sport, I’m a former athletics coach. I also play video games.

Were you familiar with real estate crowdfunding before?

I was already familiar with real estate crowdfunding, as I had previously invested in another platform based in Spain. Let’s say I’ve been active on this type of investment for more than a year.

What attracted you to real estate crowdfunding?

It’s a subject that interests me a lot because crowdfunding is more stable and less volatile than the stock market.

How did you hear about Foxstone?

I found Foxstone on Google, after some research. I registered on the site to access the details of the offers and then the decision to invest in the Concise building was rather quick.

What were the important criteria in your investment?

I was attracted by Foxstone’s business model and the fact that I could invest in my own name. The net return on investment was also very attractive. I also inquired about the location of the property.

The frequency of the quarterly returns was clearly a determining factor. For me, it was essential to be able to have regular cash inflows from this investment.

What did you learn from your experience?

A more than positive overall experience: I visited Foxstone’s offices in Geneva. I was very well received by the team, 90% of the decision was made.

More than 8’000 investors trust us. Join the Foxstone community

Thank you to Mr. Yacine Z., for sharing with us his experience in investing in real estate crowdfunding.

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