Interview with Etienne Nagy, Director and General Manager of Naef Immobilier

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am a Director and General Manager of Naef, active within the group for 30 years and with an academic background with a degree from HEC and a Master’s degree from the Institute of Real Estate Studies and Real Estate Expertise (EPFL).

You are the general manager and director of Naef Real Estate. What are the main challenges to come in the occupation of Real Estate Manager ?

The profession is evolving rapidly, particularly in terms of digitalization. Naef has been working for more than 10 years in this direction with processes that are almost completely dematerialized. Nevertheless, we are very attentive to the human relationship with our clients in order to provide them with specialized advice. The energy transition is a major challenge for the real estate industry, due to its high carbon footprint. We work in this direction through the production of energy assessments for all our owners to accompany them in this evolution.

What digital tools does your company offer to tenants? And landlords ?

This is one of the major axes of our growth strategy. We have an internal IT department that develops specific functionalities that are superimposed on our Quorum software package. We have also developed several interactive platforms with our customers, suppliers and tenants.

The latest development is Naef@home, which allows tenants to submit any work request related to their apartment electronically. As for our owner platforms, they are specifically dedicated to our e-pro rental building owners and our e-copro co-owners.

What do you think of real estate crowdfunding and in particular the Foxstone model ?

It is a new form of investment in real estate that offers interesting prospects. It opens the way to the “democratization” of real estate investment, i.e. greater access to this market which until now has been reserved for people with significant capital.

The Foxstone model is particularly impressive because of the implementation of all the highly digitalized processes from the purchase of a share in the property to the participation in the general meetings. Moreover, this model is set to evolve further through the use of blockchain. We are very interested in following these developments and staying very close to Foxstone.

Can you describe the collaboration between Naef and Foxstone ?

Naef has been retained by Foxstone to manage part of the portfolio. The two entities are very close in terms of their development philosophies in the digital path. We were also able to present some investment properties to Foxstone, which was able to react quickly in its ability to decide on the acquisition of these buildings. 

Foxstone was also interested in the Khephren solution which is a platform that allows the consolidation of the data of a management portfolio as well as a whole series of technical, economic and energy simulations. Naef, through its subsidiary Acanthe, is a partner of the Khephren solution.

Thanks to Etienne Nagy for accepting to answer our questions.

More information : NAEF

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