A promising first year

It has already been a year since we launched our real estate crowdfunding platform and this is the opportunity to take stock of a year full of promise.

Let’s celebrate together our first anniversary with a retrospective on the progress and achievements of this first year!

Invest in crowdfunding starting at CHF 25’000

An innovation to invest in real estate in French-speaking Switzerland

One year ago we introduced real estate crowdfunding in French-speaking Switzerland. This model, which is well established in Anglo-Saxon countries, consists of bringing together online investors in order to acquire together a building with a high return and generate stable rental income.

We offer direct investments in Swiss residential real estate starting at CHF 25’000 and with a turnkey service ranging from the selection of properties and the negotiation of financing to the legal framework and the acquisition on behalf of all investors at the notary’s office. The management of the property is entrusted to a real estate management company and we act as administrators of the co-ownership, in charge of the development of the property. Investors can thus benefit from the returns of the real estate market without the difficulties and loss of time involved in finding and managing a property.

Since then, this model has attracted many investors and Foxstone has established itself as the key player in real estate crowdfunding in French-speaking Switzerland.

A growing user base

The number of users of the platform continues to increase with nearly 60% growth in the first quarter of 2019.

This growth demonstrates the public’s enthusiasm for an asset class that was previously reserved for institutional investors and real estate insiders.

A proven model

In one year, we carried out six real estate transactions for a total value of CHF 26.75 million.

In the first quarter of 2019, 3 residential properties were sold in the canton of Vaud, including :

  • a record transaction in French-speaking Switzerland worth CHF 6.8 million involving 55 co-owners of all ages and backgrounds.
  • the latest one worth CHF 1.75 million, fully subscribed in one week.

« Enabling more than 50 investors to become co-owners of a property through equity investment is a significant step for Foxstone. It marks the beginning of a new era in French-speaking Switzerland, that of real estate investment accessible to all. » Our CEO, Dan Amar, is delighted.

The growing number of investors coupled with the speed with which offers are being finalized point to a more than encouraging potential for the coming months.

Strong interest from the public in French-speaking Switzerland

In order to make the real estate crowdfunding model known to a wide audience, the whole team travels the roads of French-speaking Switzerland, Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg to name but a few cities.

Nearly ten events have been organised and several hundred people are travelling to learn more about this new alternative investment in real estate.

We are now a member of the Swiss Real Estate Industry Association (SVIT), so we have had the chance to participate in numerous events to share our vision with as many people as possible, including the annual conference to be held in Interlaken in January 2019.

Constantly evolving technology

To continually improve the user experience and simplify the investment process, Foxstone has a strong team of developers dedicated to bringing the latest technological advances to investors.

In one year, we have digitized the investment process by putting documentation online, organizing notary accreditation by videoconference and allowing all parties involved in a transaction to communicate and exchange documents in a secure manner through our platform.

Other major functionalities implemented over the last few months include: our sponsorship program, the subscription module and the online investor dashboard.

Launch of crowdlending

Previously a specialist in real estate participative financing, we wish to broaden our offer by offering our investors new opportunities for real estate crowdlending or participative loans.

This new growth lever will enable us to offer our clients more investment opportunities but also to reach a wider public and take a new step towards democratizing access to the real estate market.

« After the success of the co-ownership model, we wanted to offer our clients new investment projects that would allow them to grow their savings. Crowdlending, which consists of a loan to a developer to finance a real estate development project or to an owner to refinance an existing property, will allow them to diversify their asset portfolio with different forms of investment that are always participative. » explains David El-Eini, COO of Foxstone.

Our entire team looks forward to expanding our offering to better meet your needs.

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