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1. Sign up

Create your account, verify your personal information and get access to our current investment opportunities. Your data is safe, we comply with the highest standards of Data Privacy regulation in Switzerland.

2. Browse Opportunities

You can browse opened investment opportunities present on the offerings section.

Properties offered on the platform are high quality residential buildings located in Switzerland. All the offerings are vetted by our team of professionals through a strict legal, technical and financial due diligence. Our institutional grade level of quality implies the participation of:

  1. A third party valuator, approved by banks, who examines properties thoroughly and delivers an independent valuation
  2. An independent technical examiner budgeting precise projections of short, medium and long term capital expenditures required to maintain and improve the quality of the building
  3. Ochsner and Associés who scrutinise every legal aspect in relation with the offering whether it is rental contracts, property titles and servitudes, building legal standards, debt transfer or any other burden related to the property

Our mortgage partners will then perform and provide a second full due diligence in the form of a report. Accordingly, they will grant the mortgage of the property.

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Get accredited

3. Get Accredited

Select an investment opportunity that suits your requirements and determine what amount you are willing to invest. Follow our simple online on-boarding process and receive the investment package including the following documents:

  • Offering brochure
  • Subscription bulletin
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Power of attorney
  • KYC (Know your customer)

Review and fill in these documents carefully in order to approve your accreditation. Accreditation depends also on the mortgage provider and the notary approvals, respectively performing credit checks and LFAIE compliancy tests.

4. Complete your investment

Transfer committed funds to a dedicated account secured by the notary. As soon as the target amount to raise is reached the offering is closed. Foxstone and the legal advisor finalize the transaction by representing all the investors in front of the notary. You are now owner of a fractional part of the property. Your name will be entered in the land register as a property owner along with all the other co-owners.

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5. Property Management

The property and facility management is delegated to our strategic partners, used by the largest institutional investors all over the country. Through their extensive real estate services they will preserve and improve the quality of your property contributing to the appreciation of its value over time.

6. Earn rental income

Every quarter you will receive excess cash flows of the building directly to your bank account along with a quarterly report. Through your online dashboard, track your investment’s performance, watch your portfolio evolve and get updates of your investments.

This report will give you all the details regarding the revenues and costs of your property. Transparency is one of our core value. This is why you will have a read access to the property bank account allowing you to review all the related transactions.

Collect your profits

7. Sell your Property

The usual holding period for our residential property investments is 7 years. It is initially planned for the co-owners to keep their fraction of the property during this period and to sell them altogether at the end of the holding period. At this stage, Foxstone will sell it at the best possible price. Our investor centric business approach guarantees the preservation of our investors interests at all time.

Should you need to dispose from your part prior to the maturity date, you have the possibility to sell it via our secondary market by contacting our sales team at


Q: Is Foxstone compliant with Swiss regulatory framework?

A: Yes 100%. Our team worked in collaboration with our legal partners for more than two years in order to shape and design the best business approaches approved by the highest local authorities.



Q: How secure is the Foxstone ?

A: The platform has been built with the latest technologies to ensure a high level of security throughout the entire system. Foxstone complies with the highest standards of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.



Q: What fees does Foxstone take?

A: The company takes a 3% success fee on the gross asset value when the transaction is closed and an asset management fee of 0.5% to 1% which is digressive according to the size of the deal .



Q: How do we select the properties?

A: Our vetting process is composed of an advanced financial, technical and legal due diligence. Additionally, we request an independent valuation.


Q: What size of investment opportunities does Foxstone seek?

Foxstone looks for investment opportunities with gross asset price ranging between CHF 10 and 50 millions.


Q: Which establishment provides the mortgage ?

A: We have ongoing relationships with several Swiss mortgage providers such as banks and insurance companies which will act as lenders with special conditions to comply with Foxstone business model specifications.


Q: Who takes care of the property management?

A: We have partnerships with the best property and asset managers of the country. We negotiate preferential conditions to maximize the benefit of our investors.



Q: Who is entitled to invest on the platform?

A: We currently offer only residential properties. Swiss citizens and holders of residential permits B and C are the only investors entitled to invest.


Q: Can a corporation participate in an offering?

A: Yes. However, it must be held by a majority of Swiss. Applications will be treated on a case by case basis.


Q: What is the minimum ticket per deal?

A: The typical minimum investment ticket is CHF 100,000 per transaction. Depending on the size of the deal, this amount can be higher.


Q: How frequently will new investment opportunities be available on the platform?

A: Foxstone focuses on quality investments with sustainable returns. This is why a limited number of opportunities will be available throughout the year on the platform.


Q: When and how will I receive my returns?

A: The returns will be paid on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December.


Q: What is the typical holding period?

A: The typical co-ownership holding period is 7 years.


Q: Can I sell my investment before the end of the holding period?

A: You have the possibility to sell your part anytime. If you wish to sell your shares, please contact us at and we will put you in contact with another co-owner or investor interested in buying them.


Q: What taxes do apply on my returns?

A: Since tax regulation is generally complex, every investor must consult his own tax advisor prior considering potential investment.


Q: How do we  allocate the remaining capacity in the offerings?

A: The system allocates the remaining capacity on “first come first served” basis. It is triggered when an investor fills in all documentation and wires the funds to account of notary.


Q: Is there an investment limit for a single investor?

A: Every investor is free to invest in an unlimited amount of deals. However, we will not allow single investor to apply for the entire capacity of a deal.


Q: What are the expected returns on my investment?

A: As a co-owner you will quarterly receive excess cash flow of the property resulting from rental income minus operational charges, capital expenditures and debt service. At the maturity we will sell the property and you will receive your capital back plus any capital gain.



Q: What are the mandatory documents to fill in in order to complete a transaction?

A: Every investor showing a serious interest in an offering will receive an investment package including the offering brochure, shareholder agreement, subscription bulletin, know your customer form and power of attorney. Those documents are required by the mortgage providers and the notary.


Q: Why do I need to sign a power of attorney?

A: To avoid logistic complications for the final signature, you will need to sign a power attorney that allows our legal partner to sign on your behalf in front of the notary exclusively for the completion of the acquisition.


Q: What does co-ownership mean?

A: As an investor, you sign a shareholder agreement governing the relations among all the co-owners. Your name is entered in the land register to legally secure your fractional ownership of the property. You are also liable for the mortgage in pro rata of your investment.