Co-ownership is a direct acquisition of a fractional part of a building. The investor’s name is entered in the land registry along with all the other co-owners. Properties offered in co-ownership are existing rental buildings.

Each quarter, the co-owner collects the net rental income, in proportion to his participation, during the holding period and makes a potential capital gain when the property is sold. The holding period of this type of investment is usually seven years. However, investors have the possibility to offer their participation for sale before the end of this period on our secondary market.

Picto asset management team

Property Management

Foxstone is in charge of the management of the building. The property management and the property maintenance is delegated to our strategic partners, working for the largest institutional investors in Switzerland.  

Picto Cash

Collect your revenues

Every quarter, collect the excess cash flows of the building directly to your bank account with a management report which gives you all the details regarding the revenues and costs of your property. Through your dashboard, track your investment’s performance and get updates on the property. Transparency is one of our core values, this is why you have a permanent right of scrutiny on the property current account.

Picto Laptop Money

Sell your participation

At the maturity of the holding period, the property is sold and the co-owners receive their capital back plus a potential capital gain.

However, they have the possibility to propose their participation for sale on our secondary market before the maturity.