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You can browse opened investment opportunities on the offerings section.

Properties offered on the platform are high quality residential buildings or real estate development projects located in Switzerland. All the offerings are vetted by our team of professionals through a strict financial, technical and legal due diligence. We offer our investors an institutional quality grade implying the participation of:

  1. a third-party property appraiser, approved by banks and real estate professionals, who examines properties thoroughly and delivers an independent valuation,
  2. an independent technical expert budgeting precise projections of short, medium and long-term capital expenditures required to maintain or improve the quality of the building,
  3. a legal advisor who scrutinizes every legal aspect in relation with the offering whether it is rental contracts, property titles and servitudes, construction standards, debt transfer or any other legal issue related to the investment.

Moreover, the banks conduct a second internal assessment according to which they grant the mortgage. Foxstone uses this appraisal to confirm the estimation provided by the third-party appraiser.

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Select an opportunity that suits your investment requirements and choose what amount you are willing to invest. Follow our simple online on-boarding process and receive the investment package including the following documents:

  • Investment brochure
    • Brokerage and management mandate, co-ownership agreement, deed of sale, credit contract (for co-ownership)
    • Shareholder agreement (for co-investment)
    • Debt contract (for mezzanine debt)
  • Subscription bulletin
  • Powers of attorney
  • Request of accreditation by the mortgage provider – KYC form
  • Document for the notary

Fill in the documents carefully in order to get your accreditation.

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Transfer the committed funds to an escrow account. Once all the investors have transferred their commitments and the target amount is raised, the offering is closed. Foxstone and the legal advisor finalize the transaction by representing all the investors.

Investment Types

Foxstone offers a unique access to the Swiss real estate market through three types of investment: