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Foxstone is a real estate crowdfunding platform providing a turnkey service to invest in swiss real estate from CHF 50’000

How it works?


Become the co-owner of an existing and already rented yield building.

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Everything is managed by Foxstone; from the analysis to the management of the property.

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Rental income

Collect the net returns quarterly on your bank account.

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You can put your shares on sale at any time on our platform.

The benefits of crowdfunding with Foxstone

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A rigorous selection

The investment opportunities are subject to a strict financial, technical and legal due diligence.

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Access the Swiss real estate market with a minimum investment of CHF 50,000.-

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Easily consult the full documentation for each property.

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Spread your investments in residential properties throughout Western Switzerland.

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An available team

Our team is at your disposal to meet you and answer all your questions.

Call us now  +41 22 800 26 26

The voice of our customers

Yacine Z., 29 years old, technical project manager, passionate about sport and video games

“I was looking for an attractive and stable return without having to worry about the hassle of buying real estate in condominium. Investing in real estate crowdfunding allowed us to receive a more than attractive return paid quarterly which was a major argument in our decision making. Combined with a quality service and a fine selection of properties, we had all our fundamentals combined to move forward!”

Jeannine M., 70 years old, retired and passionate about decorating

“We had several financial investments that required a great deal of management efforts. But in an uncertain economic environment and newly retired, we needed serenity and stability. With a serious approach and quality products Foxstone came at the right time and brought us the answers we were looking for. The professionalism of the team allowed us to create a real relationship of trust, which we needed to invest serenely.”

Antoine T., 36 years old, mechanical engineer, passionate about mountains and renovations

“I am passionate about renovations of all kinds, cars, houses, apartments and one of my dreams is to be able to make a living out of it. The choice of good investments is a way for me to finance my new life project. It is in this context that I found Foxstone which provided me a turnkey crowdinvestment with a high yield through a platform where all the procedures are done online!”

Alexandre B., 30 years old, COO in an e-commerce startup, lover of mountain sports and board games

“With my family we were looking for an investment with a very low level of risk, ideally in Swiss real estate, in order to secure an inheritance and get a return on it. In addition to relieving us of all the administrative troubles related to the management of the property, Foxstone allowed us to avoid potential family conflicts because instead of investing a common sum, each of us was able to invest in his own name.”

André H., 64 years old, pre-retired, real estate specialist

“After a thorough analysis of the offers available on the market I was immediately seduced by the offering located in Concise. I contacted the team who sent me all the documents necessary for decision making. They were complete, accurate and gave me complete confidence. At this point I was already 95% convinced. For the remaining 5%, it is the trust in the team that did the rest. So I became the happy co-owner of a building, an experience that I recommend to all my friends and colleagues.”

Our current offerings

Residential Building Bernex


Available to invest CHF 1'950'000
Purchase price CHF 5'100'000
Min. investment CHF 50'000
Mortgage (LTV) 60.78%
Holding period 7 years
Expected return on equity 4.50%
Investment type Co-ownership

Residential building Fribourg


Available to invest CHF 0
Purchase price CHF 1'850'000
Min. investment CHF 50'000
Mortgage (LTV) 62.16%
Holding period 7 years
Expected return on equity 5.23%
Investment type Co-ownership

Return on Investment Calculator

Example with a Return of Investment of 6.00%

Amount Invested


Cumulated Return


Total Amount



Min 50'000
Max 1'000'000
Cumulative income
This analysis is based on historical information. Historical gains are not a reliable indicator to predict future gains. This information is for informational purpose only. Prospective investor should independently investigate the proposed deals before considering potential investment, and should consult with independent qualified sources of investment advice and other legal and tax professionals prior considering a potential investment.

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Winner of the Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Award 2017

Geneva Real Estate Crowdfunding Forum Awards 2017 – Swiss Crowdfunding Association

Foxstone is a real estate crowdfunding platform based in Geneva, Switzerland