Co-ownership / How it works

Co-ownership consists of gathering investors to enable them to acquire together an existing and already rented yield building.

Investors acquire shares of a real estate property listed in their names in the land register. This gives them a real co-ownership title.

Each co-owner quarterly collects the net rental income in proportion to his participation. He can sell all or part of his shares at any time on the Foxstone platform.

An easy acquisition

Foxstone’s real estate team travels throughout Western Switzerland to find residential properties. Thanks to a large network of property managers, brokers and strategic partners, we identify investment opportunities that are not easily accessible to individual investors. These properties must meet rigorous selection criteria:

  • Attractive location with a high rental demand
  • Acquisition price matching a market value
  • Building operable as is and not requiring major rehabilitation works
  • Property with a history of stable returns

Each investor becomes the co-owner of a percentage of the property to the extent of his investment. He chooses the number of shares based on the amount he wants to invest.

Picto asset management team

A simplified management

The day-to-day management of the property  is delegated to a renowned property manager who is responsible for the collection of the rents and the maintenance of the property.

Foxstone remains administrator of the co-ownership and operates as asset manager.

As a co-owner, you have the possibility to participate in the major management decisions at an annual general assembly held digitally. No need to travel, everything is done online.

Collect your profits

A steady income

You receive your revenues quarterly on your bank account along with a management report that provides you with all the details about the income and expenses of your property.

You collect a net income from which all the expenses have already been deducted (operating expenses, mortgage interest, property management, insurance, etc.), only the tax liability remains your responsibility.

Transparency is one of our core values!

Track the performance of your investment on your online dashboard.
Consult the bank account of the co-ownership at any time to view all the cash flows related to your property.

Picto Laptop Money

An organized resale

You can put all or part of your co-ownership shares on sale with a potential capital gain at any time.

Foxstone takes care of finding a buyer who acquires your shares and takes your place in the existing co-ownership without penalty or fees.

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