Co-investment consists in the acquisition of shares of a company which holds a real estate development project.

The investor’s returns are realized when the construction is completed and the building is sold. The holding period ranges between 1 to 4 years according to the size of the project, the construction and the sale period. Investors have the possibility to offer their shares for sale before the end of the holding period on our secondary market.

PIcto Construction Meeting

Project Management

Control of expenses and representation of investors’ interests to the construction company is delegated to a third party. This company reports to Foxstone the progress and the cash flows. Foxstone summarizes the different reports and publishes the information on the investors’ dashboard.

Picto Laptop Money

Sell your Shares

During the construction phase the apartments are sold. At the maturity of the holding period, the co-investors receive their capital back plus the capital gain. However, they have the possibility to propose their shares  for sale on our secondary market before the maturity.

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