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  • The co-ownership agreement
  • The brokerage and management mandate
  • The deed of sale
  • The mortgage contract

Documents to be filled

  • The subscription form
  • The power of attorney for the acquisition of the property
  • The accreditation form for the mortgage provider (KYC)

Carefully complete these documents to validate your investment application and to get accredited by the mortgage provider.

2 Get an accreditation

Foxstone takes care of all the formalities with the mortgage provider, from the negotiation of the mortgage to the validation of your credit application.

Each property is financed on average by 40% equity and 60% mortgage.

Therefore, each co-owner holds a part of the mortgage, and the specificity of our model is that the debt is uncoupled between each co-owner. This means that the liability of each investor is limited in proportion to his investment.

For example, for an investment of CHF 50,000 (40%), you hold a mortgage of CHF 75,000 (60%).

3 Finalize your investment

Transfer the funds to the escrow account of the notary in charge of the transaction.

Once we have collected all the funds, we proceed to the acquisition of the property on your behalf in front of the notary. Congratulations! You are now the co-owner of a property with your name listed in the land register.

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