20 March 2020

In her testimony, Ms. Jeannine M. explains why she chose Foxstone to invest in real estate

By Laura

«We had several financial investments that required a lot of management effort. But in an uncertain economic context and newly retired, we needed serenity and stability. With a serious approach and quality products, Foxstone came at the right time and gave us the answers we were looking for. The professionalism of the team allowed us to create a true relationship of trust, which we needed to invest with confidence ».

Jeannine M, 70 years old, active retiree, and passionate about decoration.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

« My name is Jeannine M., I am 70 years old. I am actively retired with my husband, we form a blended family and each one of us owns a few properties. I like architecture and interior design.

Until ten years ago, my husband and I had opted for the diversity of our real estate investments, until we decided to combine everything for several reasons: 

Investments that were too time-consuming in terms of resources and management, a desire to pass on a property to our children and to invest differently in projects that require less time and attention (lease management, re-renting of the property, maintenance).

I came across a Concise advertisement by chance and I knew nothing about real estate crowdfunding ».

What did you like about real estate crowdfunding?

« Stable returns, of course. The fact that an intermediary takes care of everything and the quality of the offer: a recent, well-maintained, rented building of a higher category and limited rental risk ».

What did you learn from your experience? 

« The decision was made quite quickly, I just needed to be reassured about the process. Foxstone’s offer came at a perfect time for me. The young team, its expertise, and the fact that it was a start-up attracted me. As well as the relationship of trust and the quality of the offers.

It’s an innovative choice with a taste for adventure but made with serenity and a lot of seriousness »

Is it a personal or family investment?

«The approach was initially personal, then I convinced my husband to invest with me on an additional share. My husband subscribes to Bilan magazine and saw the article on Foxstone, which confirmed his confidence and allowed him to mature his decision ». 

If you had to give 3 words to describe Foxstone, what would they be? 

« Sympathetic, dynamic, and a good listener. ».

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Many thanks to Mrs Jeannine M. for agreeing to share her experience with Foxstone.

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